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Open Edition Series

Open Edition Fine Art Prints are available for images not included in a Limited Edition Series collection. If you find a David Doubilet image in any magazine, gallery, book or other publication that you desire as a fine art print please contact us to see if it is available. The Open Edition prints are produced on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and Fine Art canvas mediums and signed by David Doubilet. Browse some of the Open Edition Fine Art Prints in the David Doubilet Open Edition Collection. 

Limited Edition Series

A specific set of exclusive images have been selected for a limited edition series of color prints. Each image will be limited to a finite series of prints that will vary with each image. Each limited edition print will be produced on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, signed and numbered for the collector by David Doubilet. A hand written note describing the history of the photograph is provided with each print. Limited edition images are also available on canvas.

The Black & White Limited Edition Collection

David Doubilet’s personal vision of the ocean is based on the elements of water and light that best translates into black and white imagery. This signature work is available in a series of limited edition prints signed and    numbered by David Doubilet. A hand written note describing the history of the photograph is provided with each print.  Black and white images are also available on canvas.

The Nudibranch Collection

Nudibranchs are the secret gems of the sea. They are delicate sea slugs without shells that explode with an extraordinary palette of color.  David Doubilet photographed these remarkable creatures in terms of pure design and fashion.  To understand and “see” these creatures David created miniature studios that he took into the sea where the Nudibranchs live. This unique collection of living color and abstract design is available as a special edition series. They are available as fine art prints and make a stunning statement on canvas.
To learn more about Nudibranchs see "Living Color" by David Doubilet  Here


Books, Postcards, Greeting Cards & Posters

The Book Gallery carries all of David Doubilet’s books, including collector's editions and hard-to-get titles. Every book is signed by David Doubilet and can personalized upon request. Posters and greeting card sets coming soon.




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